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I have been trying for years to get on a schedule of taking vitamins, minerals, and probiotics every day, but I hate taking pills so much that I rarely follow through with any consistency. So when Rooted Health asked if I would be interested in trying their vitamin packets and providing feedback I did what I always do… researched their company, their product, and looked at reviews. I loved what I saw so I said YES!

These things have an amazing nutrient profile and are so easy to take! Ever since I had COVID last year water hasn’t tasted very good to me, so I’ve gotten in the habit of adding some flavor enhancers to it… this stuff mixes with them perfectly. To be honest, the taste doesn’t blow my socks off (it has a very mineral/vitamin type after taste), but when I mix it with another beverage I don’t mind it ! I feel so good knowing that I am getting my vitamins and more EVERY SINGLE DAY now. If you dislike pills like I do, maybe you should check this product out. It works for me!

Let me know if you have any questions and if you try it (or have tried it) please share what you think!

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