The appropriate vitamins and minerals can boost your overall thyroid function and improve your overall health. Many people with thyroid and autoimmune thyroid conditions have deficiencies.

The top 6 vitamins and minerals that I find most hypothyroid patients are deficient in:

1. Iodine: thyroid hormones are built from this iodine molecule. Either T4 & T3 the central molecule is Iodine.

2. Zinc: helps build thyroid hormone to receptor sites.

3. Selenium: takes T4 (inactive) and helps it convert to T3 (active) form of thyroid hormones.

4. B- Vitamins: prescription medications will block the absorption of B-vitamins. Specifically B6, B9, and B12.

5. Choline: essential for brain function. Hypothyroidism will give brain fog, mood, and memory. Due to the decrease effects of choline.

6. Vitamin D: low vitamin levels will slow the absorption of vitamin D. Vitamin D is good for overall health.

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