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As we know, gluten sensitivity can also cause nutritional deficiencies, and these deficiencies can lead to further complications when it comes to oral health. You can see how one complication can quickly lead to another, resulting in a domino effect, with gluten sensitivity at the root of it all.

The following are examples of how nutrient deficiencies can lead to oral health concerns.

Can cause angular stomatitis, causing saliva buildup at the corners of the mouth. Microorganisms build up, leading to painful burning sores and dry lips.

Vitamin D
Can cause enlarged andenoids, compromising tooth integrity, and abnormal patterns in the alveolar bone (part of the jaw that supports the teeth).
* can manifest as Andenotonsillar Hypertrophy

Can cause loss of sensation in the tongue, loss of taste, dry mouth, and susceptibility to gum disease.

Vitamin C
Can cause irregular formation of dentin, alterations of the dental pulp, bleeding gums, delayed would healing in the mouth, and defective collagen formation.

Vitam B1, B2, B3
Can cause inflammation of the tongue and cheilosis, corners of the mouth become inflamed, leading to pain and potentially bleeding, making it difficult to yawn, chew or speak.

Vitamin B6
Can lead to periodontal disease, anemia, sore tongue, and burning in the mouth.

Vitamin B12
Can lead to bone loss around the teeth, hemorrhagic gingivitis, detachment of periodontal fibers, painful ulcers in the mouth, and angular cheilosis.

Vitamin A
Can cause impaired tooth formation, enamel hypoplasia, and decreased epithelial tissue development.

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