Hoof contains naturally occurring, plant-based biotin which is known to help maintain healthy hooves, alongside a high-quality essential amino acid profile. This unique formula provides excellent hoof nutrition and aids healthy hoof growth while supporting the hoof wall.

Your horse spends most of its life on its feet, and equine hoof supplements support strong hooves to keep them in good shape and your horse healthy.
The hoof can be used to help maintain and support hoof condition and is an excellent supplement in addition to an appropriate equine diet. Hoof can be used all year round for ongoing support. Suitable for all horses and ponies.

Herbal biotin and methionine with absorbable zinc
The powerful combination of key nutrients encourages strong hoof growth
The natural alternative to synthetic biotin, essential for hoof health
Essential fatty acids are the building blocks of a protein involved in many bodily functions including maintaining healthy hooves.

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