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Vitamins, Minerals, Probiotics, CBD;

Daily Supplements
1) Complete Multivitamin
2) Complete Mineral Tablets
3) Probiotics
4) Vitamin C
5) Vitamin E
6) Vitamin A
7) CBD
8) B-Complex
9) Magnesium

Along side a balanced diet (54% carbs, 28%fat, 18% protein) adjust based on needs
Eat kcal appropriate for your height, weight and age:

Macro Nutrient Calculator

Vitamins and Minerals
The body has 90 essential vitamins and minerals (pyramid of health), these include: 16 Essential Vitamins, 60 Essential Minerals, 12 Essential Amino Acids, 2-3 Essential Fatty Acids (omegas).

Essentially, vitamins and minerals are the compounds that help build your body’s cells. You need vitamins and minerals for your body to repair cells, synthesize fat, create energy, remineralize tissues and bones, and much more. Without the main essential vitamins and minerals your body needs, you will have chronic health problems, stunted growth, develop diseases and much more.

Vitamins cannot be created by the body, yet they are vital to a healthy, functioning body. Vitamins are organic compounds that build the body’s tissues. They are organic, in that they can easily be broken down by heat, acidic substances or air, which helps the body break them down.

Nutrient Deficiencies Cause Major Problems
You must eat healthy, nutritious foods if you want to get all the vitamins and minerals your body needs to stay healthy. Eating a diet poor in nutrition will quickly lead you to have health problems—sometimes many of them, and some very chronic. Nutrient deficiencies—or not getting enough of the vital nutrients—leads to problems such as:

Fatigue that is ongoing, day after day
Constipation or reoccurring diarrhea
Fluctuating blood sugar levels, which affects energy and metabolism
A poorly-functioning immune system
Aches and pains with no apparent cause
Digestive upsets, such as heartburn and diarrhea
Dizziness, headaches, migraines, and brain fog
Mood issues such as irritability and depression

An Elixir of Life
Regardless of your stance on medicine and injectable inoculations – you cannot change the fact that the body requires vitamins and minerals to function properly.

Minerals are Essential
Vitamin deficiencies can be temporarily tolerated.
Mineral deficiencies are poorly tolerated (can be fatal).
Vitamins cannot function without minerals.
In 1928, 3 minerals were recognized: iron, iodine, copper.
Currently, 22 minerals are recognized as essential to health.
An elixir of life – a fountain of youth, or perhaps a drink of youth – is possible through understanding the importance of every essential nutrient that the human body requires to function at optimal levels.

If 3 minerals were recognized in 1928, and in 2022 we are dealing with a pandemic without speaking or educating people on the very basic foundations of what the body requires to function at optimal health, our current answer is incorrect.

Once we accept what the body requires, we can formulate advanced solutions to drink daily to keep the body in a youthful state of appearance and energy.

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