Hi Guys,
I am no doctor. However, I have used some of these supplements for natural health and to boost my immunity for years.
In recent months we have had to worry about staying healthy and not having immediate access to doctors and hospitals. I thought that it would be helpful to tell you what I have been using to maintain if not improve my health recently.

I was one that hated taking pills. I would only take a pain reliever when necessary. A few years ago I started to take oil of oregano and Vitamin C when I felt a cold coming on. This evolved into me learning more about natural ways to fight illnesses.

In March I started taking Vitamin C & D, Oil of Oregano, Grape Seed Extract and Olive leaf nightly to boost my immune system and make sure I didn’t get sick. I did this along with use a steam treatment for extra precaution. Due to lack of sleep caused by stress(because of the nonstop sirens and then the fireworks) my eye wouldn’t stop twitching for weeks so I added Magnesium. Then I learned about Zinc and Black Seed Oil and added those too.

At one point I asked my son How old am I?!

In recent years after I did my researched I shared this information with others. They have all expressed how much better they feel after trying the oil of oregano and look into the others such as the grape seed extract.
These times have become so uncertain we have to prepare for ways to stay healthy or get better if sick in the event that doctors become even less accessible to us.

I hope you guys find this helpful.

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