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Wellman – Health Supplements for Adults (21 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, With Added Ginseng And Amino Acids) – Tablets 30 Count
Special Ingredients Panax Ginseng Extract
Brand Wellman
Specific Uses For Product Immune Support, Energy Management
Product Benefits Energy Management
Item Form Tablet
Dosage Form Tablet
Flavour Ginseng
Age Range (Description) Adult
Material Feature Vegetarian
Package Information Packet
This is a Vegetarian products
UKs No.1 mens supplement brand, now in INDIA.
Wellman Multivimatins for Men
Know your Wellman
Wellman Multivitamin now in India
Recipient of The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise Innovation 2018
WELLMAN is ideal for those with a hectic lifestyle & is used by professional sportsmen to help them maintainoptimal nutrient levels during training. Unlike a general multivitamin, the nutrient levels have been specifically
Go Full Power!
Stay Fit. Be Sharp.
Wellman Original contains a comprehensive formulation of over 21 Essential Vitamins & Minerals along with Ginseng & Amino Acids. Wellman has been specially developed for men of all ages to help maintain general health and vitality in an otherwise hectic lifestyle. Wellman represents a simple solution, with an advanced one-a-day tablet, which unlike a general multivitamin, has been specifically formulated for the specific needs of men.
Sports & Exercise: Vitamin C & E help protect against free radicals generated during exercise; plus amino acids & ginseng are essential for all-round support.
Hectic Lifestyle: Magnesium & Vitamin B complex are important for efficient release of energy from food.
Immune System: Vitamins & Minerals help maintain a healthy immune system.
Reproductive Health: Zinc & other minerals are particularly important for men’s reproductive health.
Trusted Globally by Professionals
Wellman multivitamin multivitamins for men man supplement tablets vitality
Why Wellman?
“We all want to live a happier & fuller life and we all know that good health is its foundation.” World Health Organization (WHO) defines “Health as a state of complete physical, mental & social (emotional) wellbeing and not merely an absence of disease or illness.” For a healthy life, we need to have a balanced diet, exercise regularly, live in a proper shelter, take enough sleep & have good hygiene habits. Thus, only a healthful lifestyle provides us the means to lead a full life. But in today’s scenario, we are busier, more rushed, highly stressed & over worked.
In addition to this, our eating habits are changing. We are not eating as well as we should & are ordering fast food & restaurant meals. Today’s, younger generation is very much fond of junk food which is low on nutrition & high in fat, salt and/or sugar. Due to all this, we are getting pushed towards risks of poor nutrition. This poor nutrition can impair our daily health & wellbeing and reduce our ability to lead an enjoyable & active life. In the long run, poor nutrition can contribute to stress, tiredness & diminished capacity to work.
Men’s Health:
The nutritional needs differ for men; depending on their age, physical activity, diseases present & medications. There is also a remarkable discrepancy between the health & survival status of men and women. Although men are physically stronger; they tend to have higher mortality as compared with women. This is likely due to multiple causes that include basic differences between them such as genetic factors & hormones. Behavioral differences such as risk-taking & reluctance to seek and comply with medical treatment may also play a role. Another reason may be due to delayed seeking of treatment by men. In addition this, men are constantly facing challenges in their daily life due to family responsibilities, work, finances, deadlines, social life, peers & colleagues. Due to extreme pressure to climb corporate ladder, compromised eating habits & lifestyle; men become prone to illness. As men get older, they develop cardiovascular diseases & are more likely to gain weight resulting in fatness.
Introducing Wellman
wellman multivitamins tablet for man
Specially formulated for men
Scientifically Formulated
The UK’s number 1 vitamin range for men
Wellman is the UK’s number 1 vitamin range for men and is made by Vitabiotics, the UK’s number 1 vitamin company.
Specially formulated for men
Wellman is developed just for men and has been formulated for the demands of modern life. It helps to support the areas of health that are of most relevance to men. Wellman is currently used in training by several professional sports men.
Scientifically Formulated
Based on years of international clinical research, the comprehensive Wellman formulas are well balanced, and include all the right nutrients required by men. Based on the latest scientific research, Wellman has been developed by a team of scientific experts.
Wellman Original
Support for your Immune System
Sport & Exercise

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