What vitamins and minerals I take and why.
This is a question I am asked on a regular basis, so I have put together this video to help you on what vitamins and minerals I take, but probably most importantly why.

I’ve suffered in the past with mental health problems. Please check out my playlist on iron, which is below.
You should have your bloods checked and this can be done for FREE via your Doctors.
You need a Full Blood Count to include…
Trans Ferritin Saturation
Serum Iron
Vitamin D
Some Doctors will NOT include these and they are NOT included in a standard Full Blood Count.

During this Pandemic this maybe difficult and so I have teamed up with ‘Forth With Life’ for you to be able to get these particular bloods done via post and a quick finger prick test, that you will do yourself at home. Send back to Forth and they will then give you your results. I am happy to say that Forth will go by the NICE COMMS guidleines, however, they will give you a leaflet with the levels that ‘The Iron Clinic’ go by. This way you will get an real idea as to whether you are iron deficient.

You can contact Dr Caitlin Scott at ‘The Iron Clinic’ at info@theironclinic.co.uk

Here is a list of products that are the same or similar to what I use. I have gone via AMAZON for everything apart from the collagen, as you can order them all in bulk therefore save on postage.
Please remember I am not medically trained, therefore I would always suggest talking to your Doctor before talking anything in case it may react to medication you maybe on.

Vitamin D3 (remember to check your levels or buy a lower strength if unsure)
Vitamin K2 Better You Spray (Not to be taken if on a blood thinner)
Vitamin D3 and K2 together (k2not to be taken if on blood thinners and check your Vitamin D3 levels or speak to your Doctor)
Iron Spray Better You (If deficient then this will not be enough)
65mg of Iron (check your iron levels, details for blood company is in this description and take with vitamin C on empty stomach with no caffeine before or after)
Vitamin B12 Droplets.
B Complex
B12 Better You Spray x 4 (This is what I take to maintain my B12 level)
Vitamin C and Zinc, this is great and combines the two, saving money
Magnesium Flakes for the bath
Berocca x3
Omega 3 (this is the same strength but from Amazon)
Proto-Col Collagen Shots

Frankie Jacks Vitamins…
HalibOrange (Check as there are different vitamins you can buy, if giving the spray D3, then don’t take extra in these)
Floradix Magnesium
B12 Better You Spray x 4

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This is the anaemia community which I am involved with, if you want to join the page and ask question, plus speak to people that are in the same boat as you.

• Facebook Page –https://www.facebook.com/anaemiacommunity

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